We offer our public courses on a regularly scheduled basis. We also offer private courses that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Metaplexity Associates offers accredited TOGAF Training courses. All of our professional staff are TOGAF certified.

TOGAF® 9 Certification Offerings:


Enterprise Architecture Using TOGAF® 9

This is Metaplexity’s flagship 4-day TOGAF 9 course. Version 1.0 of our curriculum was first certified in 2009 and recently re-certified at version 3.1 to effectively prepare participants for full TOGAF 9 certification by The Open Group. Version 3.1 employs a streamlined format that covers the required learning content for TOGAF 9 Certification at both Level 1 and Level 2. In addition, the course provides practical insights and examples of how to successfully apply the framework to their organization’s needs.

Enterprise Architecture Using TOGAF® 9: Foundation Level

This two-day course is designed for individuals who will be involved enterprise architecture projects, but not necessarily in leadership or practitioner roles. In this course, participants learn fundamental enterprise architecture concepts and the basic architecture development method from The Open Group. The course prepares participants for The Open Group exams required to achieve TOGAF 9 certification at the “Foundation” level.

Advanced Enterprise Architecture Courses:


Enterprise Architecture using TOGAF® An Executive Perspective

This is a custom seminar designed to inform and educate senior business leaders on the business value of Enterprise Architecture. The course is offered on demand and is tailored to the particular needs of the organization. Participants may include executive sponsors of the architecture, business unit leaders, development specialists, and stakeholder representatives. These are typically people who will be participating to some extent in architecture projects and initiatives, but not necessarily in a leadership role. This executive seminar may be structured as a 1/2-day or as a 1-day seminar.
(There are no prerequisites for this course.)


Advanced Enterprise Architecture Workshop

This course is a seminar and practicum that provides in-depth coverage of topics that are essential to enable enterprise architecture practitioners to gain deeper insights into core activity areas of Enterprise Architecture including:
Technology and Innovation Management
Policy and Standards
Business Architecture
Enterprise Architecture Governance
(Prerequisite: TOGAF 9 Level 2 certification should be acquired before participating in this course.)


System Program Management in an Enterprise Architecture Environment NEW!

This course provides a comprehensive review of system program and project management tools and techniques needed to implement and operate in an architected environment. It applies systems thinking to program and project management in an architected corporate environment. Corporate cohorts will gain the foundation for developing a consistent and coordinated approach to systems governance that integrates people, process and technology.
This course provides a broader perspective on TOGAF concepts and introduces additional areas that are essential to successful enterprise architecture. Using the core set of lectures to establish a perspective, the course can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs.
Information Risk Management and Analysis


Foundations of Information Risk Management NEW!

This course provides an introduction to Information Risk Analysis based on the Open Group’s Open FAIR Standard. This standard, based on the Open Risk Analysis and Open Risk Taxonomy standards, provides a method for determining vulnerabilities to loss events in an organization context.